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Sweet Spot Agency

A simulated advertising campaign for Voodoo Donuts, incorporating market analysis, identification of target market, and development of visual and written campaign elements

Background Information

Role: Project Management Lead
Softwares used: Google Sheets, Canva

Sweet Spot has created an effective strategy to assist in launching a Voodoo Doughnuts location at The Gulch in Nashville, Tennessee. The strategy mainly targets 18- to 34-year-olds who either currently attend college or are young working professionals. To reach our target market, we aim to employ various media vehicles such as Social Media, Radio Ads, OOH, and SEM, all the while staying within the $75,000 budget.


We will implement a stair-stepping flight strategy over a five-month period in order to reach our media goals. Our campaign will begin with a more diverse media mix from August through early November, with a heavy emphasis on Local Paid Socials throughout November and December. This heavy emphasis is due to our goal of having a foot traffic of 250 at the launch of our new Voodoo location. By focusing on Local Paid Socials in the final flight, we can ensure we reach our target demographic as they are heavy social media users. All of our media vehicles will be focused in the Nashville area.

Full Campaign

Team Credits

Bryan Chen - Research Lead

George Webster - Writing Lead

Alex Shallow - Strategy Lead

Elain Yao - Design Lead

Alex Skowronski - Budget Lead

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