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My name is Miu Nakata


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Meet Miu Nakata, a versatile and multi-talented professional with a passion for creativity and innovation.


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About Me

I was raised in Tokyo, Japan before relocating to Texas in 2013. Despite initial challenges with language barriers, I found solace in the power of art as a means of communication without limitations. Overcoming those obstacles fueled my drive to improve my communication skills, leading me to develop a passion for public speaking. As a university teaching assistant, I had the privilege of giving guest lectures to over 100 students and was exhilarated by the experience of sharing my thoughts and knowledge with others.


This video features a conversation between my professor and myself, where we discuss my most memorable experience as a Teaching Assistant.

As a double major in Advertising and Radio-Television-Film, with an added certification in Computer Science, I am well-rounded and equipped with a unique set of skills. I am honored to be a part of the Texas Immersive program at UT, a selective Advertising program that blends audience engagement, storytelling, and cutting-edge technology. During the Fall 2022 semester, I was fortunate to participate in a project with Dell Technologies through Texas Immersive, where I helped design a memorable and educational experience for attendees of the Dell Technologies World Conference to learn about the company's sustainability initiatives.

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As an avid participator in extracurricular activities, my passion lies in the art of Special Effects Makeup. With my exceptional skills, I can effortlessly transform into various looks, earning the title of a shapeshifter. While I have honed my skills in creating realistic wounds and special effects for films, I seek to further explore the artistic and editorial potential of my makeup artistry. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work as a makeup artist for Spark Magazine Issue No. 19, bringing my vision to life through the pages of the magazine. This was an unforgettable experience that allowed me to showcase my talent and creativity.

So excited about what comes next in my adventure and the next chapter of my life!

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