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Welcome to My World
Wish Upon a Snowman


Miu Nakata is known as:

Film Director
SFX Makeup Artist
Production Designer
Video Editor

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bam fest prof.JPG

About Me

As a filmmaker, I am versatile and knowledgeable in a variety of film styles, including animation, narrative, documentary, experimental, and video essay. I am driven to push the boundaries of storytelling and have received recognition for my exceptional skills in SFX makeup, production design, and animation. My talent has been acknowledged through multiple awards, including the coveted Jury Award Winner from South by Southwest for my film "Wish Upon a Snowman." My unique approach to filmmaking aims to provide unexpected plot twists by combining the seemingly opposite aesthetics of horror and cuteness. My goal is to challenge the audience's preconceived notions and provide a new and captivating viewing experience.

SXSW Winner Speech

Screenshot 2023-02-01 022359.png

Individual Projects

Awards Received

Team Projects Credits

School counselors are a vital resource for students (Documentary) | 2020
To Die For (Web Series) - SFX Makeup Artist | 2021
Now Hiring - SFX Makeup Artist | 2020



Welcome to My World

Demo Reel

This film reel showcases my unique style in combining cute and horror aesthetics. It highlights my versatility and exceptional skills in production design, SFX makeup, and animation, giving the audience a glimpse into my unexpected and thrilling storytelling world.


Wish Upon a Snowman

Stop-motion Animation

One Christmas Eve, a girl builds a snowman. She goes to bed excited for Christmas Day, and wishes of getting a present.


SXSW Jury Award Winner,

Reel Girls Film Festival Audience Choice Winner

BAM! Festival Audience Choice Winner

Holidays365 International Film Festival Best Animated Visionary Award

UIL Division II Finalist

All-American High School Film Festival Official Selection

The Cecil County Independent Film Festival Official Selection

“Wish Upon a Snowman is a world unto itself. The imagination to conceive of as well as the discipline required to spin this yarn puts this disturbingly charming film in a class of its own.” - SXSW Jury

Best Animated Visionary Award - Holidays365   International Film Festival - 2021.png
Audience Choice - Reel Girls Film Festival - 2020.png
BAM - Audience Laurel_edited_edited.png
UIL-Laurel (1).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - The Cecil County Independent Film Festival - 2019.png

Watch it here or HERE

Project Details

"Wish Upon a Snowman" was originally created as a fun animation for a high school broadcast, of which I was a part of the production team. The positive reactions from classmates and teachers exceeded my expectations and motivated me to upgrade the film for submission to the SXSW film festival. As a Texas resident where snow is rare, I was inspired to capture the joy of building a snowman from my own experiences playing in the snow while visiting Japan. The aim was to provide a chance for those without access to snowy regions to feel the adventure and excitement of building a snowman.

First Try

Second Try


Behind the Scene


Animation Stills

unnamed (1).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg



Horror Narrative

A young girl's quest to meet society's definition of beauty spirals out of control as she becomes consumed by her obsession, leading her down a dangerous path of self-destruction.


FECEA International Film Festival: Best Production Design

SLAY Horror Film Festival: Goriest Film

Texas Short Film Festival: Finalist

CUTE is a short film that explores the dark side of beauty and the obsession that often comes with it. The film features a horror twist that exposes the blindness and compulsiveness of beauty, and how insecurities can spiral into madness. With striking production design and spine-chilling special effects makeup, CUTE has received recognition for Best Production Design at FECEA Film Festival and Goriest Film at SLAY Film Festival.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Texas Short Film Festival - 2022.png
png for FECEA.png

Watch it here!

4 pt.00_00_30_10.Still005.png



Thriller Narrative

a curious young girl discovers a strange-looking plant growing in her yard. As she tries to uncover its secrets, she realizes that this is no ordinary plant


BAM! Festival: Finalist

This short film is a showcase of cutting-edge special effects, visual effects and prop design. The film aims to shock the audience with its hyper-realistic depictions of various elements

Watch it here!

Behind the Scene

This is the BTS of production design for the plant prop and SFX Makeup & Prosthetics


This is the prop I made using wires, paper, and polymorph

In real life, this is how I looked like! haha, I applied some dark shading on my face to make it super dark like there is a hole in my face.

This is a prosthetic I made by using liquid latex, flour, and polymorph for the fangs

parasight_fixed-2 2.jpg



Stop-Motion Animation

In a society where a monster parasite is taking over people's sight and causing fear, a law is established to separate the "uglies" from the "beauties." One of the outcasts, unable to bear the sight of another victim falling prey to the parasite, takes it upon themselves to fight back against the monster and challenge the oppressive beauty-based law. With a focus on themes of fear and individuality, this short film tells a gripping story of one person's bravery in the face of a world overrun by terror.


BAM! Festival: Women in Animation Winner

OKCU High School Film Festival: Finalist

UIL Division II: Finalist

Parasight is a thought-provoking short film that explores the dangers of blindly following societal norms. Through the story of a monster parasite that takes over people's sight, the film aims to shed light on how society has lost control of itself and has become blind to what truly matters. The purpose of this film is to challenge conventional beauty standards and to extract the beauty from what society may deem as worthless, promoting individualism and self-discovery

Woman in Animation - BAM Festival - 2020.webp
UIL-Laurel 2020.webp

Watch it here!

Watch it here!

The animation is based off of my ceramics artwork

IMG_6319_Facetune_10-03-2019-23-15-35 2.heic
IMG_3263 2.jpg
IMG_3269 2.HEIC
IMG_3365 2.HEIC




Duplication is an experimental short film that uses duplication as a symbol for the cycle of infection during the pandemic. The film aims to represent the slow, unsettling fear of the unknown and how it leads to chaos. It personifies the virus to show its consciousness and uses slow-motion and fast-paced scenes with changing tones to capture the disordered progression of the pandemic.

Exploration of abstractness, experiment

Read more about the analysis of the film



Prejudice, Stereotype, & Inequality

Video Essay

The video essay delves into an in-depth analysis of the animated movie "Zootopia," exploring the themes of prejudice, stereotype and inequality through its characters and plot. The essay takes a closer look at how the movie masterfully portrays these complex issues in a way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. Through the lens of its diverse cast of animal characters and its intricate cityscape, the film provides a poignant commentary on the harmful effects of discrimination and the importance of embracing diversity. The video essay highlights the clever symbolism and storytelling techniques used by the filmmakers to bring these important topics to life, making "Zootopia" a must-watch movie for those interested in exploring these themes in a meaningful way

Watch it here!


Netflix Death Note (2017):

Is Netflix Adaptation of Death Note problematic?

from a Japanese perspective

Video Essay

The video essay takes a critical look at Netflix's adaptation of the popular Japanese manga, "Death Note." The film was met with widespread backlash due to its deviation from the source material and its portrayal of Japanese culture and language. The essay analyzes the film from the perspective of representation and its effectiveness as a standalone adaptation. The video highlights the numerous ways in which the film failed to capture the essence of the original manga and its impact on the Japanese cultural representation in Hollywood. The essay provides a thoughtful and insightful critique of the film and its shortcomings, making it a must-watch for fans of the original manga and those interested in the representation of Japanese culture in Western media.

Watch it here!


How Individualism and Collectivism cause differences in Cancel Culture

Video Essay

The video essay explores the relationship between Individualism and Collectivism and their impact on Cancel Culture in different countries. The essay focuses specifically on the contrast between the United States and countries like Japan and South Korea, which have distinct cultural and value systems. The video analyzes how individualistic values in the US contribute to a more lenient approach towards cancel culture, while collectivist values in Asia often result in a stricter response. The essay provides an in-depth analysis of the social and cultural factors that influence cancel culture and its consequences in these different regions, making it an informative and educational watch for those interested in understanding the complex dynamics at play.

Watch it here!

Zootopia Analysis
Death Note Analysis
Cancel Culure Analysis
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