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Content Creation

Hi there! I am a dynamic and creative content creator who is well-known for my unique niche in Japanese culture on TikTok. With over 100K followers, I am loved by many for my daily vlogs, pop culture, and makeup content. In addition, my skills in SFX makeup art has won me over 4K followers on Instagram where I post makeup tutorials and showcase my portfolio. I am also well-rounded in managing multiple social media platforms and creating graphics for various organizations, including Texas Student Television (TSTV), Japanese Association, and RTF307 (College class). I am always on the lookout for new opportunities to share my passion and creativity with the world.

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My Instagram & other Instagram accounts I have managed:

@TheMidnightSpell - My own account, focuses on SFX Makeup work

@TexasStudentTV - Texas Student Television account

@TexasJA - Japanese Association account

@RTF307Media - RTF 307 Media Classroom account

@Miu.Miu TikTok

@Miu.Miu - TikTok

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Followers: 105.6K

Content Niche: Japanese Culture, Daily Vlogs, Pop Culture, & Makeup art


As a content creator on TikTok since 2020, I have made a name for myself by delivering entertaining and engaging content to my followers. I have had the privilege of collaborating with several well-known brands, demonstrating my versatility and creativity in the world of digital media. Whether it's through my sense of humor or my passion for creating something new, I strive to bring joy and inspiration to my audience with each and every video.

@TheMidnightSpell - Instagram

@TheMidnightSpell - Instagram

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Followers: 4607     

Content Niche: Makeup, Art, Makeup Tutorials

Makeup Tutorials

My Instagram followers joined me on a journey into the world of makeup artistry with my comprehensive and professionally crafted tutorial videos. I have personally handled all aspects of production, from camera work to editing, to bring them a premium experience in enhancing their makeup skills.