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With a focus on art direction, product design, UI/UX design + research, copywriting, filmmaking, SFX makeup, and content creation, I have honed a diverse skill set that allows me to tackle any challenge with ease. I am an ambitious and driven individual with a drive to succeed and a dedication to excellence in all that I do. Whether it's bringing a unique vision to life through art direction or crafting compelling copy that resonates with an audience, I am a true creative force to be reckoned with.


2020 - 2024

University of Texas at Austin

B.S. Advertising

B.S. Radio - Television - Film

Certificate in Computer Science

Concentration in Texas Immersive


UIUX Designer

Texas Immersive

January 2022 - Present 

I am a part of Texas Immersive, which is a highly selective advertising specialization program at UT that blends emerging technology with hands-on learning in research, collaboration, prototyping, storytelling, coding, and design. Students work in teams to turn real-world problems into interactive, memorable, and relevant user experiences, preparing them for careers in advertising, entertainment, technology, retail, and professional services.

  • Design user experiences and implement immersive technologies (e.g., AR/VR) as a student consultant in the 2020 cohort of the Texas Immersive 

  • As a UX designer, I played a pivotal role in developing audience personas that were central to the project's success. I leveraged my research skills to conduct user interviews and uncover audience motivations, intentions, and pain points. I then used these insights to formulate actionable and compelling personas.


DELL Technologies

x Texas Immersive

October 2022 - December 2022 

DELL Technologies was a real-world client for Texas Immersive.

  • Worked with a creative director, developer, and interactive designer to develop a compelling story and content.

  • Designed an experience with both in-person and virtual components for Dell Technologies World Conference, incorporating emerging technologies and focusing the project on Dell educating conference attendees about their sustainability efforts as a company.

Teaching Assistant 

& Guest Lecturer

Moody College of


January 2022 - Present 

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for RTF 307, a Radio-Television-Film class that all RTF majors are required to take. It is a class that examines the impact of media on society and its role in shaping our identity & politics 

  • Facilitate over 100 students' engagement through activities in class and reinforce understanding of lecture material

  • Hold weekly office hours and evaluated assignments, exams, and projects

  • Gave two guest lectures throughout the year to over 150+ students on the topic of Adapted media (Films & TVs) from countries all over world.

Marketing Director

Texas Student Television


January 2022 - May 2022

TSTV is a student-run, FCC-licensed, digitally broadcasting college television station in the country

  • Maintains a coherent voice of TSTV distributed through social media outlets

  • Routinely updates all TSTV social media outlets with events, station happenings, and general information.

  • Gather, organize, and interpret social media metrics

  • Create and update a content promotional plan for new episodes in each department

  • Recruits and works with the social media team



PBS NewsHour

Student Reporting Labs

January 2020 - May 2020

As a part of PBS NewsHour project, collaborated with Well Beings campaign to addresses the critical health needs of Americans through broadcast content

  • Directed and Edited a Documentary Short for PBS Student Reporting Labs: Brainstormed and executed interviews to showcase the crucial role of school counselors as a vital source for students, effectively leading the team and bringing this important story to life.

Social Media Director

& Historian

UT Japanese Association

January 2020 - May 2020

Part of the Officer team in UT Japanese Association, which is a social organization dedicated to spreading appreciation for Japanese culture. 

  • Partnered with Harvard Japanese Association to connect UT students with top Japanese companies at a career fair aimed at elite universities, promoting knowledge and understanding of Japanese culture and offering employment opportunities for those interested. Contributed to connecting global talent and promoting career growth in Japan.

  • Played a key role in the successful execution of the Japanese Association's annual "Golden Week Festival," a celebration of Japanese culture through a diverse range of activities, live performances, and delicious food. As an officer, I provided valuable coordination and planning assistance to ensure a smooth and successful event

  • Create Instagram and presentation slide graphics and manage the Instagram account @TexasJA

  • Hosted a facepainting social event during the Halloween season

Makeup Artist

Spark Magazine

January 2020 - May 2020

Spark Magazine is a leading print, online, and multimedia publication for emerging creatives in Austin and beyond.

  • Collaborated with photographers, stylists, and models to create looks for editorial shoots

  • Applied makeup to models, including beauty, special effects, and prosthetics, to achieve desired looks for each shoot

  • Created and designed prosthetics for various editorial themes

  • Demonstrated exceptional skills in SFX makeup, including wound simulation, prosthetics application, and aging techniques

  • Maintained and organized makeup kit to ensure a clean, efficient, and professional workspace

  • Stayed up-to-date with the latest makeup trends, techniques, and products to offer innovative ideas to clients


Hard Skills

UIUX Design, Copywriting, User Research, Prototyping, Design Thinking, Storyboarding, Wireframing, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Product Design, Videography, Visual Effects, Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Content Creation, Graphic Design

Software Skills

Figma, InDesign, Canva, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Lightroom, Davinci Resolve, Excel, Google Sheets

Software Languages

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java, PHP, Linux


Mintel, Quantitative/Qualitative Methods, SWOT Analysis, UX Research

Interpersonal Skills

Public Speaking, Creative Direction, Team Leadership, Communication, Creative Conception, Problem Solving


Fluent in Japanese & English

Awards & Honors

SXSW Jury Award Winner

University Dean's List + Honors x 3

BAM! Film Festival:

First Place Scholarship Winner

Holidays 365 International Film Festival:

Best Animation Visionary

FECEA Best Production Design


Texas Bluebonnets 

SAFE Philanthropy

  • Contributed to the Texas Bluebonnets organization, dedicated to promoting values of leadership, empathy, and ambition while raising awareness and funds to end child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence through its partnership with SAFE alliance.

National Art Honors Society

  • Engaged in a range of art-focused volunteer activities, including creating murals for restaurants and schools to uplift spirits, and assisting the Robotics club in painting their competition project.

  • Provided volunteer face painting services at high school and elementary school events.

National Technical Honors Society

  • Contributed to elevating the conversation on mental health by producing and editing insightful video content, featuring interviews with school counselors and students, as well as capturing and refining presentations by teachers


Department of Computer Science

Elements of Web Development (CS)

Elements of Software Design (Data Structure) (CS)

Elements of Computers and Programming (CS)

Elements of Graphics Visualization (CS)

Stan Richards School of Advertising

Audience Development/Engagement (TX Immersive)



Introduction to Advertising/Public Relations Research (ADV)

Advertising Media Planning Foundations (ADV)

Intro To Advertising Creativity (ADV)


Department of Radio-Television-Film

VFX for Storytelling (RTF)

Producing Film and Television (RTF)

Post Production Techniques (RTF)

Intro to Music Business (RTF)


Mccombs School of Business

Foundations of Business Law and Ethics (Business)

Foundations of Marketing (Business)

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