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SFX Makeup Work

I am a versatile Special Effects Makeup Artist with extensive experience in a variety of makeup applications, including content creation, editorial magazine work, face painting, and FX for film. I excel in creating realistic wounds, scars, and artistic/editorial looks and have mastered the skills of prosthetics, face painting, and video/photo editing. With my passion for makeup artistry and ability to adapt to various projects, I am dedicated to producing high-quality and memorable results.

I call myself as "Shapeshifter," because of how many looks I can transition into through SFX makeup. 

Check out my work:

Spark Magazine

Spark Magazine
Issue No. 19 Deathless

My Credit - Makeup Artist

Through These Red Eyes: pg. 194 - 203

The Anatomy of Asian Cyborg: pg. 222 - 229

Through Their Red Eyes

The makeup explores the fusion of two distinct themes - the "final girl" and the cyborg. A prosthetic was designed to enhance the realism of the look, featuring LED lights embedded within it. The result is a unique and captivating portrayal of the marriage between these two worlds.

Writer: Evelyn Martinez

Photographer: Mateo Ontiveros

Stylist: David Garcia & Yousuf Khan

HMUA: Miu Nakata

Models: Maliabo Diamba

Layout Designer: Juleanna Culilap

Videographer: Olivia Martinez

The Anatomy of Asian Cyborg

This editorial look examines the historical dehumanization of Asian people in Western sci-fi portrayals of Asian cyborgs. The focus is on themes of self-hybridization as a form of reclaiming agency, identity and personhood, and on highlighting creatives who are challenging stereotypes by reclaiming the Asian cyborg in their works. The aim is to challenge the traditional techno-orientalist representations of the Asian cyborg and instead celebrate the intersection of humanity, spirit and technology.

Writer: Nhi Tieu

Photographer: Jeffrey Jin

Stylist: Alex Cao, Joanne Kim

HMUA: Miu Nakata, Meryl Jiang

Models: JJ Le, Tyler Kubecka

Layout Designer: Sophie Zhang

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Makeup Art

Makeup Art

I created all aspects of this makeup series, including the props, set design, photography, and editing. The end result showcases my complete creative vision and demonstrates my versatility as an artist.

SFX Makeup for Films

SFX Makeup for films

As a skilled SFX makeup artist, I have created realistic gore wounds and sickly looks for various short films, bringing the zombies to life with my expertise in special effects makeup.


3D Sculpture Art

3D Sculpture Art

These sculptures are a testament to my skills in ceramics and paper mache. I have a talent for sculpting intricate details and forms in clay, and my ability to paint them realistically brings the pieces to life. The collection showcases my expertise in these mediums and my commitment to producing high-quality, intricate works of art.