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My Shorts/Animations
Welcome to My World
Miu Nakata Showreel 2021


Wish Upon a Snowman

Traditional Animation

Animator/Storyboard - Independently produced animation short

Audience Choice - Reel Girls Film Festival - 2020.png
BAM - Audience Laurel_edited_edited.png
UIL-Laurel (1).png

One Christmas Eve, a girl builds a snowman. She goes to bed exciting for Christmas Day, wishes of getting a present.




Director/Production Design/Lighting/Hair & Makeup

Short film

A girl has an obsession with meeting the "cute" beauty standard.




Traditional Animation

Animator/Storyboard/Design - Independently produced animation short

Woman in Animation - BAM Festival - 2020.png
UIL-Laurel 2020.png

Fear takes over you like a parasite. In a world where a monster parasite takes over an eyeball's sight, a law that separates uglies from beauties is created. One of the uglies takes action after witnessing another eye succumb to the parasite.




Director/Prop Design/Makeup Artist

 No Dialogue short film assignment

in UT RTF 318

Short film



bam fest prof.JPG

Miu Nakata is a film director, animator, and special effects makeup artist who has received multiple awards such as Jury Award Winner at SXSW, Best Production Design at FECEA International Film Festival, Goriest Film Winner at SLAY Film Festival, Audience Choice Awards, and more. Miu is very passionate about creating films to shock the audience. She loves to combine aesthetics of cute and horror, an unexpected combination to surprise the audience. 

To me, filmmaking is the strongest form of communication.


Born and raised in Tokyo Japan, I have struggled in learning the language and communicating after moving to Texas. While I deal with language and cultural nuance conflicts, creating films and animation has become the remedy to my struggle. As I become more passionate about it, I realized that films are universal. No matter where you are from, what language you speak, films have the power to convey a message. 

My goal as a filmmaker/animator is to convey emotions and connect with audiences through visual storytelling, being a part of their memory and inspiration.